Juliet Buckett

Juliet Buckett

November 2012 I found myself on the way to the Sevalayam Children’s home in Coimbatore. I reminded myself that no matter how tough it was and how saddened I was by the fate of these poor children, I would not cry.

I was amazed by what greeted me… happy, radiant, beautiful children! These children were so friendly, respectful and grateful. They have so little and are so content, that was such a strong lesson for me!

The children’s home has been set up in such a way that these children feel loved and well cared for (even with minimal resources). I was also impressed by the vision for the home. There is a strong drive towards self-sustainability which will diminish dependence on donations as well as being environmentally friendly. While I was there a project for solar power was enacted and next in line is a vegetable garden to provide healthy organic produce for the little ones.

Finally I was on my way home and I shed my first tear… not because I was sad for the children but because I knew I was going to miss them so much and it had been such an enriching experience!

Thank you to all involved who made this possible!

Juliet Buckett