About Kid Indian

Hi, I am John Harvey founder of Kidindian, but I am only a very small part of the story.

Who or what makes up kidindian is really all about you. Anybody wishing to support us is a part of the kidindian story, and without you there really is no story to tell.

Our role at kidindian, is simply to act as a bridge connecting people and ensuring the funds donated reach the cause, and that the projects we undertake get built and completed at the lowest possible price, to a high standard of quality.

We also help with educating the kids, bringing people together to volunteer, and simply just spending quality time with the kids at our home.

Who are our partners?

Sevalayam Charitable trust is Bright Sam and his wife Sneha Sam and their small team of supporters. We carefully selected Sevalayam out of a number of potential partners over 7 years ago. The relationship has gone from strength to strength and we recently received an acknowledgement from the Government of India as running among the best 2 children’s homes in Coimbatore, India out of a listing of 247. We have also partnered with Hands of Grace (Charitable Institution Registered November 1999,Reg. Number A0038099W) which is a small family charity that mainly acts behind the scenes raising funds for operational aspects such as this website and the monthly administration of the home. Hands of Grace handles the donation on our behalf and takes not a single cent for doing so.
100% of all administration costs to run kidindian is covered independently which means every dollar you donate reaches those that truly need it.

About Sevalayam

Sevalayam was started in 2001 with just 3 children, Sam Bright was working for the Indian Air Force at the time. Sneha, Sam’s wife and Sam were caring for 3 children who were orphaned. Slowly they started to adopt more children in need and rented out a house in Coimbatore were they could all live.

In 2006 Sam voluntarily retired from the Indian Air Force and started to fully focus on devoting his time to the Orphanage and Children. The Orphanage is registered as Sevalayam charitable trust (Reg No: 272/BKY/2004) and now has 72 children and a handful of destitute elderly.

Sevalayam relocated to their current 3 acre site in June 2008 to accommodate the demands of looking after more children.Sevalayam are working to become as self sustainable as possible but still rely heavily on outside support to meet all the needs of the children and elderly.

Contact us

Email us at Mary Harvey – admin@handsofgrace.com.au
John Harvey – abe777.john@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or drop us a personal message through our Facebook page.

Hands of Grace International Inc.

Charitable Institution Registered November 1999
Reg. Number A0038099W
ABN: 28 796 221 754