Aaron Taylor

I visited Sevalayam Children’s Home September 2013 during a time I was in India to practice yoga. A friend had spent time there and based upon his experience I felt it would be a worthwhile visit. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Although my visit was only for a few days I left feeling uplifted and grateful for the experience. It was obvious that the children were in high spirits and happy to be cared for and loved. Their joy and innocence was still present in spite of their circumstances. Simply put they played, loved, and learned as life should afford all kids. Though my interaction with the elderly living on site was limited they too appeared to be in good spirits and grateful to be taken-in and cared for as valued members of society. The staff was accommodating, friendly, and gracious. I was provided comfortable private quarters and given the space to make my own decision as to how I wanted to spend my time. Never once was I pressured in any way. The site and facilities were in good shape and the staff did their best to maintain the facilities appropriately, but with so many people in need Sevalayam saw obvious reasons to grow. I would highly recommend visiting Sevelayam so that you can experience for yourself the positive impact this home has on the lives it touches. Should you feel called to make a difference, I do believe this is an honorable and trustworthy organization worth supporting. Sevalayam,

Thank you for all that you do for these people!