Goal: $1420.00

Organic Compost Project

Project Name:
Organic Compost Project
$ 1420.00 AUD
Sevalayam, Coimbatore

After working closely with 2 consultants from the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University we arrived at the conclusion that a robust organic compost system is a top priority in our vision to make our children’s home fully self-sustainable.

The compost design will consist of 2X 12ft long by 4ft wide and 3ft deep chambers that will allow us to use our food waste (which adds up when you are feeding over 100 people daily) our cow dung and various other compost material we have on our land, e.g.leaves. This will allow us to produce a higher quality compost which we expect will rapidly improve our growing yields.



We are all quite excited about the project and are very grateful to the wonderful people that have given their time and energy thus far to making this possible.

We need to raise $1420 dollars to build the 2 chambers and 1 drainage pitch (allows the water we use to cool the compost to convert into an organic pesticide which we will use on our veggies). The Compost system will also require a structure above it to keep it all cool and operating efficiently.

Your support in getting this wonderful project built is very much appreciated by us all.